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Empowering the youth of today with the tools they need to be successful tomorrow!

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Join us for an afternoon filled with excitement, energy, genuine connection, care, and the tools to combat everyday life stressors including mental health, peer pressure, bullying, and social media. Accompanied by great speakers & former NFL Athletes to keep the fun going! Participants will feel inspired to be confident in who they are and how they can make an impact in this world!


MISSION: Gr2IT is committed to equipping youth with resilience skills to overcome adversity and help them navigate an ever-changing world.

VISION: Through the principles of Gr2IT, all youth will grow in strength of character and work to make their communities and themselves accountable, empathetic, and equitable resulting in happier, more productive lives.

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Reggie Smith
Shafer Suggs

Denver Broncos

New York Jets

Founded in 2003, the Retired Professional Football Players of Chicago (RPFPC) is the charitable arm of the NFL Players Association, Former Players - Chicago Chapter. Established as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, the RPFPC is comprised of former professional football players who work voluntarily to support Chicagoland causes and charities.


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“Now, more than ever, our community’s youth are facing unique challenges. They need support and guidance to navigate these formative years. The Village of Bolingbrook is proud to sponsor an event that addresses hard topics in a fun, energizing way.”

- The Village of Bolingbrook

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